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Structure programming language

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Programming is based on the principle of building a program from logical structure.

structure program follows the principle of divide and conquer. under structured programming language mostly, all the program code is written in a single continuous man program logic is difficult to follow within the program,

Advantages of Structure Programming Languages

  1. complexity can be reduced using the concept of divide and conquer.

  2. logical structure ensure a flow of control.

  3. Modules can be re-used many times, thus it saves time, reduces complexity, and increases reliability.

  4. Easier to update/fix the program by replacing individual modules rather than larger amounts of code.

  5. Ability to either eliminate or at least reduce the necessity of employing GOTO statement.

Disadvantages of Structure Programming Language

  1. Since GOTO statement is not used, the structure of the program needs to be planned meticulously.

  2. lack of encapsulation.

  3. Lack of information hiding.

  4. Same code repetition.

  5. Not much reusability

  6. Can support the software development projects easily up to certain level of complexity level of complexity. If complexity. If complexity of the project goes beyond a limit, it becomes difficult to manage.

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