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Complete Syllabus:

1. About Photoshop

• Interface of photoshop

• Tools in Photoshop

• How to open close and save your project in different -2 types

2. Select mask & change a color using Photoshop - Color Range

• Using Photoshop to selection to fix grass & sky - Color Range

• How to change the color of skin in Photoshop - Color Range

• How to create an ink splash image around text - Color Range

• Color Range

• Mask on a group rather than each layer

• Advanced masking using a channel in Adobe Photoshop

• Channel Mask

• How to make selections in Photoshop based on the focus area

• Focus Area

• Selection trick using the smudge tool

• Future of selections in Photoshop with Adobe Sneaks

• Advanced preference changes for Adobe Photoshop

• How to speed up Adobe Photoshop if it’s running slow

• Workflow tips & tricks like a professional in Photoshop

• Advanced layer tricks in Adobe Photoshop CC

• Automatically add a watermark text or logo in Photoshop

• Batch or Image Process multiple images at once in Photoshop

• How to put loads of images into one Photoshop file quickly

• Weird Photoshop Features & Easter Eggs

3. Working with Images

• How to enlarge images without becoming blurry in Photoshop

• How to fix blurry image in Photoshop using shake reduction

• Advanced color & tone correction using Levels in Photoshop

• Advanced Curves in Adobe Photoshop CC

4. Cropping and Alignment in Photoshop

• How to reshape images without distorting in Photoshop content aware scale

• How to use Content aware move in Photoshop

• How to use Content Aware extend in Adobe Photoshop

• Removing objects using content aware fill in Photoshop

• Content Aware Fill

• Cropping tricks delete pixel & reveal cropped content in Photoshop

• Automatically crop & rotate scanned documents in Photoshop

• Crop angled images to straighten perspective cropping Photoshop

• How to trim the white away from the edge of an image in Photoshop

• Automatically align layers in Adobe Photoshop CC

• How to reshape images using the Puppet Warp in Photoshop

• Class Exercise - Puppet Warp

Puppet Warp

• How to change the perspective in Photoshop Perspective Warp

5. Working with Color

• How to color black & white image in Photoshop

• How to create a Duotone effect in Adobe Photoshop     CC

• How to create the Glitch effect in Adobe Photoshop

• Color grading with orange & teal effect in Adobe Photoshop

6. Photoshop Libraries

a. Advanced CC Libraries tricks and tips Photoshop

7. Typography

• Advanced Type Trick & Workflows in Adobe Photoshop

• Photoshop can guess your font using Match Fonts

8. Artboards

• Adding Artboards to your Photoshop workflow properly

• How to add images correctly to a Photoshop artboard

• Using Smart Objects & Relinking Images in Photoshop

• Advanced speed tricks for updating Artboards in Photoshop

• Export Artboards as PDF & separate JPGs in Photoshop

9. Retouching

• Advanced tricks for Healing Brush for retouching in Photoshop

• Don’t forget about clone Tool Stamp in Photoshop

• How to use the Patch tool for retouching in Photoshop

• Class Exercise – Retouching

• Retouching

• How to retouch in Photoshop using face aware in Liquify

• How to use vanishing point to mocking up designs in Photoshop

• Vanishing point - cloning & healing at an angle

• Class Exercise - Vanishing Point

• Vanishing Point

• Fixing & retouching skin tone in Adobe Photoshop

• Retouching eyes by enhancing in Adobe Photoshop

• Retouching eyes with a little bit of fakery in Photoshop

• Fully faking believable eyes in Adobe Photoshop

• Class Project – Eyes

• How to realistically whiten teeth in Adobe Photoshop

10. Layers

• Difference between Place linked vs Place Embedded in Photoshop

• What is the difference between Fill & Opacity in layer

• How to use & export layer comps in Adobe Photoshop

11. Visual Style & Effects

• How to create a double exposure in Adobe Photoshop

• Double Exposure

• How to create a watercolour painting effect in Photoshop

• How to Decay Pixel explosion Dispersion Method in Photoshop

• How to make exploding shoe effect in Adobe Photoshop

12. Video & Animation Work

• How to edit video in Adobe Photoshop

• Parallax effect to make photos move in Photoshop

• How do you create life images cinemagraphs in Photoshop

13. Web Design

• How to setup a file ready for web ui designing in Photoshop

• How to export your web design ui project for Dreamweaver

• How to make 3D text & 3D logos in Photoshop

• How to add change 3D materials & textures in Photoshop

• Using cameras & depth of field in d Photoshop

• Adding lights & casting shadows using Photoshop 3D

• How to export a high-quality 3D image from Photoshop

• How to create lines & type in Photoshop

14. Working with Templates & Poster

• Using free templates & Adobe Market to mock up in Photoshop

• How make a reusable mock up in Photoshop using smart objects

• Mock-up poster against a wall using Photoshop

• How to make a simple UI app web design mock up using Photoshop

15. How to Export your Project

• How to proofing colors in Adobe Photoshop ready for print

• How to tidying up your Photoshop files before sending them out

• How to package your Photoshop file to include linked images

• Kinds of file export for Photoshop social media web & print


1. Video of Each Topic for life Time

2. Each program Text file for further use

3. Notes

4. Certificate of Course

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