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Following are some differences between C and C++

  • C++ is regarded as an intermediate-level language. It comprises a combination of both high- level and low-level language features. C++ is an extension to C programming language. The difference between the two language can be summarized as follows:

  • The variable declaration in C, must occur at the top of the function block and it must be declared before any executable statement. In C++ variables can be declared anywhere in the program.

  • In C++ we can change the scope of a variable by using scope resolution operator. There is no such facility in C language.

  • C is a procedure language and C++ is an object oriented language.

  • C allows a maximum of 32 characters in an identifier name whereas C++ allows no limit on identifier length.

  • C++ is an extension to C language and allows declaration of class, while C language does not allow this feature.

  • C++ allows inheritance and polymorphism while C langrage does not.

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Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh
22 sept 2021

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