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Buy now you might have understood the basic concept of object oriented programming therefore you are are in a better position to appreciate the following as some of the most benefits of oops.

  • As OOP is closer to the real world phenomena hence it is eraser to map real world problems on to a solution in OOP.

  • The project in open have the state and behavior that is similar to the real world objects.

  • It is most suitable for large project.

  • It provides the bases for increased testability (automatic testing )and hence higher quality.

  • Abstraction technique are used to hide the unnecessary detail and focus in only on the relevant part of the problem and solution.

  • Encapsulation have helped in concert turning the structure as well as the behavior of various object in OOP in single enclosure.

  • The enclosure is also used to hide the information and to follow strictly controlled active to the structure as well as the behavior of the objects.

  • OOP divide the problem into the collection of objects to provide the service for solving the particular program problem.

  • The concept like inheritance and polymorphism provide the extensibility of the OOP languages.

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