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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a Application Software. we use Microsoft office for Document purpose, Calculation Purpose, Presentation Purpose.

Microsoft Office is a collection of Software. Microsoft office have multiple software and each software have a specific work.

Name of Microsoft Office Software-:

  1. MS Word

  2. MS Excel

  3. MS PowerPoint

  4. MS Outlook

  5. MS Publisher

  6. MS OneNote

  1. MS Word-: Ms word is a software that is used for prepare any Document. we use MS Word for creating and document. Example-: we can create Resume, Question Paper, Assignments, project Report, Writing E-Book, Application, Letter etc.

  2. MS Excel-: MS Excel is use for calculation purpose. we use formula in excel for calculation. we use sheets in excel for save data. we use excel for analysis the data.

  3. MS PowerPoint: Ms PowerPoint is a presentation software. we create slides in MS PowerPoint.

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